am Platz

March 17, 2010

am platz

Es war schon wieder Abend und Marc fragte sich was er heute eigentlich gemacht hatte…


last sunday I had the pleasure of having my sketchbook at hand… this is what came to my paper.


This weeks drawing. A flower and some more.

Newst Böttler SChneider001

This is Mr. Böttler himself as I drew him during one of our regular ponecalls.

BöttlerSchneider September 001Dear All.

This is my post for the week. I enjoyed just doodeling a bit and improvising without much plan. I esp. like the colors. I think the bit on the left side are some kind of piano keys. I felt easy about this one.



BöttlerSchneider Ritter-geist001And I did this one while I was uploading the previous one.

Sooo late .. two weeks nearly

September 8, 2009

BöttlerSchneider Seefahrer001A sea farer. I am interested in styles from the middle ages and this is an experiment into that direction. I am still a week behind but the new one will follow in a sec to bring me up to speed.